A wide variety of people have utilised Sarah's mediation skills from separated parents, business partners, colleagues to members of the same community organisation.

" The mediation approach I use will slightly differ depending on the outcome the parties are desiring. 

I find it deeply satisfying to support people to work through issues so positive outcomes and understanding can be achieved for all. "

Sarah’s experience of providing family court mediation in Taranaki & the Waikato as well as her training in Restorative Justice practices make her a skilled and empathetic mediator.


If wasting time and energy being stuck in conflict a mediation process can be a useful way to work through stuck issues and restore relationships.


" Choosing the right mediator is very personal. I offer a free 1st half hour session to help determine whether I am the right person for you. "


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" After nearly coming to blows with another member of the community I was sure the only options were to avoid contact or expect all future interactions to be tense, fiery or worse. But this would all be in front of children.

Sarah took us through a very professional process, that unearthed misunderstandings and miscommunication on both sides that completely restored a relationship and brought about an ongoing friendship. I'm quite clear I couldn't have achieved that result without Sarahs professional approach. If you have a tricky situation to resolve that needs some careful handling I have no hesitation in recommending you call Sarah quickly."

" We saw Sarah for mediation through the family court. Things were really bad between us at the time. Sarah helped us to see we needed to put out children first & make decent plans for them. Even though neither of our behaviours were great at the time. Sarah didn’t make me feel judged or I think neither my ex. But she did make it very clear and made sure we made some changes for our kids sakes. Things are much better now and I think they could have got a lot worse without the mediation! "

Empowering and supporting individuals, couples, families and groups.